Survey Research and Data Analysis

EMT clients frequently ask us to engage in projects that focus on survey research, data analysis, or a combination of these two tasks. Survey research entails the design and administration of survey instruments resulting in the collection of raw survey data. Data analysis entails the analysis of raw survey data or data that is compiled from any number of other sources such as reports from local agencies to state agencies; program data extracted from program reports; or data extracted from local, state, or federal data repositories. For both survey research and data analysis, the consultant must have a strong understanding of measurement in the field of applied research.

In some cases, our compilation and analysis of data is supported by data warehouse and analytics technology systems. EMT has solid experience in the design and construction of databases in a data warehouse environment and in sophisticated analysis of data using analytics tools. EMT was awarded a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Small Business Innovations Research (SBIR) grant to develop a comprehensive analytics system on the consequences of substance use for individuals and society. This project required the compilation of data from several state-level data repositories in California that captured data on arrests, motor vehicle accidents, hospitalizations, deaths, and treatment admissions related to substance use. A powerful yet user-friendly analytics system was built to make the analysis of this data accessible to state-level staff, county-level staff, and other interested parties.

In conducting survey research and data analysis, EMT is mindful of the need to understand the objectives of the client when both designing survey or data collection instruments and applying analytical methods. It is critical to develop measures that a) are valid (both face and empirical) indicators of the issues being researched, b) have sufficient variance to reflect meaningful differences in real world conditions of interest, c) are reliable, precise and accurate enough to support meaningful analysis; and d) are reasonable with respect to burden and resource needs.

EMT has experience in conducting survey research and data analysis using a variety of tools and techniques for the acquisition and analysis of data including: online (web-based) survey systems; design of scannable hard-copy survey forms and use of scanning systems to upload data; use of SPSS in data analysis, generation of tables and graphs using statistical software and Microsoft Excel; and development of data analysis reports that are clear and professional in the use of graphics and desktop publishing.

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