Integrated Substance Abuse Treatment and HIV/AIDS Evaluations

EMT partnered with a private non-profit agency to evaluate their SAMHSA-funded Targeted Capacity Expansion grants for an integrated substance abuse treatment and HIV/AIDS program. This was a 6 month residential treatment program that targeted Latina and African American women and their children. The program reached residents of Los Angeles County’s Service Planning Area 7, which was home to the largest Latino/a population in the United States and a significant at-risk African American population. A mixed methods longitudinal evaluation design was implemented. Quantitative data collection included standardized assessments including the National Outcome Measures (NOMs), the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) to measure substance use, psychological, and criminal justice risk factors, and an HIV Knowledge Questionnaire administered at intake, 6 and 12 months. Qualitative data collection included biannual client focus groups using a fish-boning diagramming technique that incorporated the client perspective on how to prioritize the themes discussed by the group. Annual staff focus groups were also conducted.

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