Mentoring Resource Center (MRC) Technical Assistance and Training

Under contract to the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools (currently the Office of Safe and Healthy Students), EMT Associates and its partner, the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL), managed and operated the Mentoring Resource Center (MRC). The Center provided technical assistance and training services for more than 600 school and community-based program grantees who received funding under the Mentoring Program (CFDA 84.184B). EMT provided grantees with a wide range of training opportunities and electronic and technical support resources via its Mentor Resource Center (MRC) website, call center, email discussion groups, and onsite technical assistance and training events. The overarching purpose of the Center was to help funded programs build staff expertise and program infrastructure, improve youth outcomes among mentoring participants, and achieve long-term program sustainability beyond the three-year Department of Education funding cycle. Through the Mentor Resource Center (MRC) contract, EMT and NWREL produced 76 major publications, 30 fact sheets, 4 e-newsletters, and 22 separate case studies highlighting best practices at selected school sites. This was in addition to 10 web-based seminars, 14 multi-day regional conferences involving over 2,600 participants, over 100 onsite TA assignments serving 1,680 individuals and 280 organizations, and 33 onsite trainings-by-request serving 1,280 individuals and 572 organizations. In addition, EMT developed an online mentor training series featuring nine mentoring training courses delivered to 455 individuals.

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