First 5 LA Parent Helpline Evaluation

The First 5 LA Parent Helpline is a comprehensive information and referral service that meets a broad range of information and referral needs. The First 5 LA Parent Helpline provides direct assistance in critical areas, such as family literacy; provides extended online consultation and service in specific areas of acute need that are triaged to internal specialists; and links callers specifically to alternative community service resources that meet their individual needs.

EMT's approach to the evaluation of the First 5 LA Parent Helpline was best characterized as a comprehensive, multi-phase system of quality assurance, performance monitoring and outcome evaluation. EMT designed information collection and analysis systems to support a full range of decisions for contract management and continuous quality improvement. EMT staff regularly analyzed Customer Management System data such as volume, the average speed to answer a call, call handle time, and other industry metrics. Selected call metrics relevant to the non-profit social services sector were routinely reported and compared to industry benchmarks. EMT analysts also examined the data management system and key caller variables, such as demographic data and services received. Selected demographic data were routinely reported for the purpose of determining the characteristics of callers. EMT also conducted quality assurance monitoring on call recordings.

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