Production of Road to Recovery Television Series

EMT and its subcontracting partner ICF International were awarded a contract from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (SAMHSA/CSAT)) to produce multi-media consumer education products and materials to support CSAT's Road to Recovery Series under its National Recovery Month program. The initiative is designed to inform and educate consumers of treatment services and public audiences on prevention, treatment, and recovery in behavioral health, focusing on both mental and substance use disorders. Specifically, this initiative educates the public on how comprehensive approaches to mental and substance use disorders can improve prevention outcomes, treatment effectiveness, and recovery rates, thereby easing the burden on the nation's health care and social services system. The centerpiece of the project is the annual production of six one-hour and two half-hour television shows, each covering a specific topic of interest. For each of the one-hour shows, four panelists convene for an engaging discussion that is professionally recorded in a studio environment. Panel discussion is supplemented by case study reports from the field highlighting program successes related to the show topic. EMT prepared a discussion guide for each show that was distributed to panelists and posted on the Road to Recovery website for public access. The contract included the development of multi-media broadcast materials and programming, interactive web-based design and programming, and the development of outreach and promotion materials.

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